How To Make Dark Spots Look Lighter Overnight

Dark spots are the cause of considerable grief for those of us plagued by them. Older people, women who are pregnant, or women on birth control will suffer from dark spots more often than others, although everyone is at risk of getting them. People who constantly visit tanning booths or refuse to wear sunscreen when they are exposed to the sun for extended periods of time are also at high risk of developing these dark spots.

Obviously the goal is to eliminate dark spots completely, but before that happens is there a way to make dark spots look lighter overnight? Something we can do to make them look less noticeable within 24 hours?

How To Clear up Your Dark Spots Fast

There are natural ways to lighten your dark spots quickly that are completely safe. Your dark spots are caused simply by an excess of melanin in the surface layers of your skin, so exfoliating with naturally bleaching products can make your dark spots look lighter overnight.

Your main goal in reducing your unsightly spots is to (1) lift away and exfoliate the unwanted skin cells, and (2) to safely bleach the spots so the pigmented skin left behind appears lighter. What kind of bleaching agents? There are a few natural solutions you can check out if you’re okay with waiting a few months for the problem to subside. These CAN sometimes help the areas lighten up a bit overnight or over the course of a few days, but they usually take several months, so it’s best to use SwissGlo Dark Spot Serum if you’re looking to see the fastest results possible. This serum not only eliminates dark spots completely quicker than the household remedies out there, but it also lightens them up a lot in the meantime, making them less noticeable.

Try Natural Bleaching and Exfoliating Techniques

Lemon juice is a wonderful lightening agent due to its acidity. It is safe and natural and can be combined with cane sugar into a paste and used as a facial scrub to exfoliate your dark spot away quickly.

The glycolic acid naturally present in cane sugar helps to exfoliate your skin wonderfully. Sugar scrubs mixed with lemon juice have also been used in the skincare world for years, and mixing the sugar with lemon juice will help you specifically with your dark spots, lifting away the unwanted layer of skin, as well as bleaching it slightly to make it appear lighter — even overnight.

All you have to do is mix sugar with lemon juice into a thick paste, rub it on the affected area (or your entire face), and immediately rinse it off. After this, you can apply lemon juice to your dark spot using a cotton ball or swab, then leave it there for about 15 minutes (no more than 30) to further lighten the dark spot.

After you have naturally exfoliated and bleached the problem area, make sure to rinse it well using water to avoid unnecessary skin irritation. You can then apply aloe vera gel to your skin. Aloe vera contains a compound called aloesin. This compound helps to inhibit the hyper-production of skin pigmentation that is causing your dark spots. It will also moisturize your skin after the exfoliation which will keep it from becoming too irritated.

The Best Long (And Short) Term Solution

Remember, there are lots of natural remedies that can help your dark spots fade away, and while some can eliminate dark spots quicker than others, you’ll be hard pressed to find one that will help lighten them overnight and then keep them away long term. A little patience goes a long way, but we understand that you don’t want to be waiting around for months or even weeks to see results, which is why we created SwissGlo™ Dark Spot Serum so that you can have a safe and cost-effective solution that eliminates your dark spots long term, but helps make them less noticeable short term by lightening them.

The best solution is introducing SwissGlo™ Dark Spot Serum into your morning and night skincare routines so that you’re getting the effect you’re looking for quickly while the serum acts to eliminate those dark spots completely over the shortest amount of time possible.

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