Top Skincare Tips Of 2016 You Need To Know

There are countless suggestions made every day when it comes to skincare, but what will REALLY benefit you? Lots of remedies are recommended that just straight up don’t work, take forever to work, or are even costly and dangerous. You don’t want any of those things but you DO want radiant skin that is free of age signs like dark spots, so we’ve compiled a few quick tips that are simple to apply but have powerful healing effects.

1. Use Sunscreen (Even If You Won’t Be In The Sun Very Long)

You may have heard it before, but using sunscreen everyday of at least 15 SPF is a wonderful anti-aging and general skincare technique that doesn’t cost very much at all. What’s the use in buying ultra-expensive anti-aging creams and lotions that are meant to protect your skin from aging, when the number one cause of skin deterioration is exposure to the sun? Whether you’re in the sun a little or a lot, sunscreen goes a long way to keep your skin looking younger and fresher than everybody else around you.

In fact, a little research will show you that sunscreen is already a primary ingredient in most anti-aging creams and lotions, and why wouldn’t it be? Sunburns, skin cancer, uneven coloring, hyperpigmentation (aka dark spots), and wrinkles are all generally side-effects from unprotected sun exposure, and the scary part is, you don’t have to be in the sun all day like some people think to see the negative effects.

A very unique tip we can give you when it comes to finding a good sunscreen is to make sure that you get one that has not only UVA and UVB protection, but also infrared protection. Many infrared rays from the sun can penetrate your skin deeper than UV rays can, and therefore pose more of a threat, especially when you think of this: UV radiation (UVA and UVB) only makes up 7% of solar energy, whereas infrared radiation makes up 54%. All those harmful rays dry out the skin and even lead to those annoying dark spots that make you look years older than you actually are. Take the extra few minutes to apply top-quality sunscreen before leaving the house every day, even if it seems like a little bit of a burden, and your skin will thank you for it. Be careful that you use a product free of toxic chemicals.

2. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Keeping your skin hydrated will leave you looking younger for years to come. Many of the tips we can give you for moisturizing your skin are simple and can mostly be accomplished during your daily routine while you’re getting ready.

Make sure your shower isn’t TOO hot — water that’s too hot can strip your skin of natural oils and leave it even dryer and unhealthy.

In addition to that, be sure to use natural soaps in the shower and also for your hands when washing them in the sink. If you aren’t careful when you are buying soap, you are almost sure to accidentally purchase a soap that’s laden with harsh chemicals that strip your body of helpful natural oils that protect your skin from harmful outside elements. Look for a natural soap, possibly one with aloe vera to help your skin heal — rather than one full of chemicals that runs the risk of damaging it.

Don’t skimp out on your lotion usage either. Apply lotion right after a shower to lock in all that moisture that your skin just absorbed. Again, aloe vera is amazing at healing your skin, and it wouldn’t hurt to find a lotion with aloe in it either.

3. Improve Your Lifestyle & Your Habits

This should go without saying, but if you mistreat your body by depriving yourself of sleep, over drinking, using drugs, or eating lots of greasy foods, then your skin will suffer, period. Your skin is your body’s largest organ — and your most public one. The things you do that you know are unhealthy to you on the inside, are likely the reasons for blemishes on your face and skin.

Getting enough sleep is one of the best tips for improving your skin. A lack of sleep will lead to an increase of stress and breakouts and an overall poorer skin complexion. If you don’t take care of your body on the inside, your skin will reflect that on the outside. Stay hydrated by drinking clean water.

Mortar with medicine cross, fresh herbs and essential oil bottle

Use Skincare Products That Actually WORK

Another helpful tip to leave you with is that, if you find that you have developed dark spots on your skin due to the sun or skin irritation, then you should pick up a bottle or two of SwissGlo Dark Spot Serum that can actually clear up your dark spots completely and safely. This serum works quickly to improve your skin and lighten dark spots very quickly so that you have a short-term solution while it also works to eliminate them completely long term.

If you follow all of these top skincare tips of 2016 and use SwissGlo Dark Spot Serum regularly then you are sure to see results very quickly that leave you the envy of all your friends. Not only will you have healthy skin, but you will feel better on the inside and look better on the outside.

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